Friendship is enough.

“The word sacrament is being attached to the word friendship not to qualify friendship but to put a hedge of protection around friendship. To consecrate and hallow friendship in a way that says: Friendship is enough.

The word sacrament is attached to remind us that friendship is not utilitarian. Far too often, Christian “friendship” drifts toward the utilitarian. We use people to achieve our Christian agendas. Liberals use people for their social justice agendas and conservatives use people for their evangelism agendas. You’re counting the number of people fed or the number of souls saved.

The word sacramental is used to remind us that true friendship rests in the simple “being with” others, for no other purpose than the “being with.”

And that is why friendship is a sacrament, an experience of grace.”

from “All Friendship is Sacramental” (a response to an earlier post, “How Friendship Saves the World“) at Experimental Theology


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