“Feed us, or we die”

We sang this during communion today, and although I think I’ve sung it before, I was really struck by it nonetheless.

Food for pilgrim people, manna from on high

Jesus, bread of heaven, feed us, or we die

Feed us with your life, feed us with your life,

come into our longing hearts, feed us with your joy,

come into our longing hearts, feed us with your joy.



The Advanced Style Blog

If you are not familiar with the Advanced Style blog, do check it out… I think it’s delightful.

Since I was introduced to Ari’s work through NPR, I’ll let them introduce Advanced Style to you too:

“The fashion industry is sometimes criticized for unrealistic portrayals of young women. But if you’re a woman older than 60, there are almost no portrayals, realistic or otherwise. Fashion may be something you have to invent more than follow. A blog called Advanced Style focuses on women who’ve done just that.

The blogger bringing their images to the world is 31-year-old Ari Seth Cohen. His idea of heaven is to wait in the freezing cold on a street corner in the middle of Manhattan hoping a fabulous-looking older woman passes by. When he spots one, he rushes up to her, explains his project, asks for a photo and just generally tries to convince her he’s not a weirdo. He’s rarely turned down.”

Grad School Links

Well, this is for me, not for all of you. So, you can stop reading if you like. I’m decided to keep a running compilation of helpful (or so I think) grad school links, for myself and others. Not that this is supposed to be any substitute for lots of in-person advice-asking.

One Form of the “Don’t Go” Speech

APA Grad Guide

Program Diversity

Application Timeline

Application Advice

Watch out for these

Advice about Visiting Schools

A User’s Guide to Philosophy [Programs] Without Rankings

(resources for evaluating programs and applying to grad school that don’t draw on rankings, which are often controversial)

Terminal MA Placement Records

PhD Placement Records

“Life Advice” for Grad Students

More “Life Advice” for Grad Students

J. Requests a Post.

And I’ve been looking for an excuse to reproduce this poem. So here it is. You’ll have to pardon its abrupt introduction.

Do not make things too easy.
There are rocks and abysses in the mind
As well as meadows.
There are things knotty and hard: intractable.
Do not talk to me of love and understanding.
I am sick of blandishments.
I want the rock to be met by a rock.
If I am vile, and behave hideously,
Do not tell me it was just a misunderstanding.
-Martha Baird