New Favorite Hymns

I spent the fall singing (and playing) from Lift Up Your Hearts, and I discovered a some new favorite hymns along the way. For instance, this piece, which is sung to the Divinum Mysterium. The text is based on an anonymous Chinese poem.

In a deep, unbounded darkness” by Mary Louise Bringle (Stanzas 1-2)

In a deep, unbounded darkness/long before the first light shone,/you, O God, beyond all merit,/worked a wonder faith makes known:/in your mercy, in your mercy,/you embraced us as your own/evermore and evermore.

Though our world is ever-changing,/you are constant, firm, and sure,/faithful to your covenant promise./Trusting you, we live, secure:/singing praises, singing praises,/long as heart and breath endure,/evermore and evermore.