Lap Chicken

Inevitably, when it’s January and below zero, one of our chickens is in need of a little TLC.

Sometimes it’s Miss Lou, who got to spend a day in a grapefruit box because she was old and tiny and it was too cold in the coop for her. (This is one of my favorite chicken photos.)

“Happy New Year” says Miss Lou

Or, more famously (although not cold-related), Ziperban spent a month on our freezer healing from her broken leg. I can’t give you a photo of that, but you can nonetheless view coverage of her election or read her obituary.

Anyways, it’s been below zero here for the last day or so, and this morning we found a chicken outside. Not sure how that happened – she must have snuck out when the door was open during chores last night. So, a flighty brown leghorn (who is no-way cut out for low temperatures) has won herself a place on my lap, while we wait for the cat box/chicken house. (My brother is (slowly) bringing it up to the house.) We’ll keep her inside for the day. She seems quite healthy, actually, although I’ve been hearing occasional wheezing. But I was amused by her presence on my lap, especially since I’m practicing knitting cables. One doesn’t usually knit with a chicken on your lap.


Quotable Notes

I’m going over various notes right now, typing things up for a friend, and I’m turning up some great quotes. Some are serious. There are also some inside jokes, like “Flee women and bishops.” But in honor of a funny quote related to utilitarianism – “We should make bumper stickers that say, ‘Jesus would push the fat man,” I bring you this happy bit of satire: