Terrible Love

If we can be divinely fed with a morsel and divinely blessed with a touch, then the terrible pleasure we find in a particular face can certainly instruct us in the nature of the very grandest love

from Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead

It wasn’t until this last January or so that I realized how oddly fierce love can be. I had just finished visiting my grandparents, and as I drove home I thought about what a nice time I’d had, and how much I cared about them – and the feeling of care wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. It was much more like Robinson’s “terrible pleasure.” A binding of them to my affections and well-being, for better or worse.

This has especially been on my mind as I start “again”, in a new place – finding new people to care about, and missing others that I already care about. More faces. More fierce love. Good thing it isn’t a limited resource.

[Note: I think I’m entering quotes/links/photographs season… don’t expect much by way of original blog activity during the semester.]


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