Because we all know

that women are bastions of hysteria. Thank goodness that 13 of the 14 bloggers at The Gospel Coalition are calm, collected, rational men, and that one of them had the goodness to use his position of authority to pass along some helpful advice for those so unfortunate as to have to interact with the dramatic sex.

[Sarcasm aside: I don’t actually follow The Gospel Coalition. But I have some friends that do, and occasionally links to their stuff pop up in my internet life. I’ve long been annoyed (but not particularly surprised) by their pretty horrific male:female ratio. And pertaining to this article, I don’t have any particular beef with the advice: yes, eating normally and sleeping normally, etc. is a pretty good idea. But it’s a pretty good idea for males and females, I think. I’ve needed to be reminded of this. But so has my brother, who gets weepy and crabby beyond compare when he’s sleep-deprived. Sure, on the whole, females might need to hear this advice on a more regular basis than males. But the pronouns in this article are entirely feminine, which – I think – suggests that drama is contingent upon being female. Which is not okay. Ever heard of rest cure? Or read The Yellow Wallpaper?]


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