8 lbs. of ricotta and (almost) 2 lbs. of chocolate later…

This is in our fridge. (Our second fridge, that is…)

chocolate ricotta mousse

Chocolate ricotta mousse. And I never want to eat it again, because it’s really rich stuff and I consumed far too much in the process of taste-testing. (In my defense, it really did require taste testing. I made eight batches, using different kinds of ricotta and different kinds of chocolate and I needed relative uniformity among the batches.)

So, the mousse is ready.

(Side note: if you follow the link because you’re interested in making the recipe, note that I added sea salt. I also had to quadruple the honey for some batches because I was using “pure cocoa mass” – aka dark dark unsweetened chocolate.)

The little cheesecakes are ready too!

cheescakes - Copy

C. is so impressive. She’s made pretty much everything for this party: the little cheesecakes, the chocolate muffins, the raspberry oatmeal bars, the butterscotch blondie bars, the chocolate peanut butter bars, the lemon bars, the pecan bars, and the fruit popsicles.

M. is doing cream puffs and rhubarb crisp. (Yes, please note the present tense…)

Besides chocolate mousse, I was assigned to presentation. That was a good assignment, since presentation is my favorite aspect of party-planning. Yesterday morning before church I made piles of pinwheels, some of which are shown below:


to be arranged with red lanterns, old Coke bottles, and mints. It’s cute and fun.

That’s our party. B’s party, I guess.

Now I should stop blogging and go work on “data interpretation” (ooh lah lah) because I’ve been excused from party prep in order to do so.

A real blog post will come soon, I hope. There are reminders in my phone to blog about “emotions/affections”, “rock of safety” and “doubt/validation.” Who knows if I’ll remember what I was thinking about when I made those reminders, but they’re reminding me nonetheless.




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