After Dinner

On the white countertop

Our slightly-taco-sauce-smeared white plates are scattered.

At the table end opposite me is a opaque-white milk jug, emptied.

Through the glass of our emptied cups, the whiteness is only magnified.

A crumpled banana peel lounges yellow in the midst of this blank.


Restless, stir-crazy, getting-nothing-done BOREDNESS.

This is a post way whinier than I would like. But, hey, I’m really restless yet am getting none of my homework done. In other words, Abigail needs to go back to school and get back in the class routine.

Today, for instance:

I woke up at 7:52 to a text from my friend N.: “I’m going to Yale!”

Nothing like receiving while-in-bed some exciting news about your friend’s career at an Ivy League school to convince you that you are, indeed, a lazy and toadlike creature. (Why do toads always get a bad rap?)

Then I ate breakfast. Caramel apple bread toast, toast with peanut butter, yogurt… I get enthusiastic about all the good things there are to eat when I first wake up, okay! ; )

Then… guiltiest of guilty admissions… I spent way too long watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I am sort of ashamed to admit that I have been watching these. I blame E. and I. – they told me to watch them! But I followed their advice. And I kept watching. They get way more addicting as you go on.

And then I did chores. I love watching the three-week-old chicks. They just run and flutter and jump with such dorky-looking glee.

At this point I should have begun doing homework. I considered it – and the thought that it would just no-way be possible. Sometimes I feel too restless and unhappy with myself to get anything accomplished.

So I slept. Again. For two to three hours.

When I woke up I made myself go on a two-mile run.

After returning and showering, I thought I would go to town and practice organ and do some homework at my grandparents’ house. Just before I walked out the door, I remembered; chocolate cakes. I had promised to make some for my mother…

so I make 3 chocolate cakes and 6 chocolate muffins and watched more Lizzie Bennet Diaries while they baked.

Two hours later I made it to town.

And town was nice, because I love chatting with Aunt S. who is really more like my big sister. And back at home, B. and I talked loudly and made fun of each other and dissected the world until 11:30 p.m. Cheery times with the little bro.

So I guess things ended alright.

Now if only I could convince myself to do homework today… : )


Reading him (and these other near-contemporary philosophers) is a bit like coming home – “so you are the one(s) who has (have) made the last century of philosophy what it is, me the philosopher I am… ah.”

Anyhow, a quote:

“Working in philosophy […] is really more a working on oneself. On one’s own interpretation. On one’s way of seeing things.”

(from Culture and Value)