The Call to Wonder

For human beings originally began philosophy, as they do now, because of wonder, at first because they wondered at the strange things in front of them, and later because, advancing little by little, they found greater things puzzling – what happens to the moon, the sun and the stars, how the universe comes to be… Just as we describe a free person as one who exists for his own sake and not for someone else’s, so we also describe this as the only free science, since it is the only one that exists for its own sake.

From Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Bk. I: II

I declared a philosophy major today. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal – college students have majors, it’s just part of the being-a-college-student thing – but I’m so excited anyways. It’s what I’m going to study. I now have a department. I now have an adviser that I chose, not one that was assigned to me. I’m dedicating to knowing things, and knowing how to know about things, and knowing what I can’t know.

I guess today I set out on the path of wonder, and I’m overjoyed by the prospect of my journey.




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