Learning to Read.

It’s what I’m writing a paper on right now, for my psychology class. I’m not sure if it’s really writing though – it’s a weird experience for a Humanities girl to work within an empirically based discipline, where everything -or close to everything- I want to say has to be based on research. (In comparison, the paper prompts I usually encounter say something along the lines of “You may cite other sources, but the ideas should be yours.”) Thus, I feel as though I’m just stringing together article summary after article summary.

Anyways, my topic is a really fascinating one. I’m writing about the role of the home environment in early literacy development.

I wish I could remember more about learning to read. I do remember going regularly to the library, and just as regularly coming home with bags stuffed with children’s books. Once one of our dogs chewed a library book up. I was horrified.

Anyways, all this learning to read talk has reminded me of one of my favorite photographs from one of my favorite movies, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Scout and Atticus reading before bed

It’s such a beautiful scene. Sniff. And Atticus, what a man. ; )

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Click on the photo for other great shots from the filming of the movie. And watch it if you haven’t.


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