Hello world.

It’s been a lovely day in many ways, and since my purpose here is to share how that loveliness speaks to me of God, let’s get going.

I used my voice in my Reason and Religious belief class today. It was ridiculous, really, I knew I knew what the teacher wanted to hear, and even if I didn’t, who cares!, but I finally broke the silence and stated the difference between the arguments and I got it.

One more step on the road out of my worry about not being capable of a philosophy major.

And speaking of philosophy – Socrates!

I’m not sure what to think about the man, whether I should love him, or whether I should be a cynic, but here are my favorite quotes from the 5 Dialogues (most should be recognizable)

“As it is, the lover of inquiry must follow his beloved wherever it may lead him.”

“I prefer nothing, unless it is true.”

(from Euthyphro)

(this one reminds me of Reepicheep in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

“To fear death, gentlemen, is no other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know. No one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all blessings for a man, yet men fear it as if thye knew that it is the greatest of evils.”

“… the unexamined life is not worth living for men [or women!]…”

(from Apology)

That’s all for now; more, I’m sure will come.

So, here’s to a good night!

May you and I both examine and pursue truth, albeit the Bible and our reason and the medley of other ways in which it can be glimpsed.


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